Post # 8: Facebook, The Must Have Marketing Tool


Believe it or not, the Facebook once known as a place to connect with old high school classmates is now a marketing must have for almost every business. Facebook gives businesses the opportunity to: reach their targeted audiences, stay connected, and give live and true value to their brand.

The first opportunity that Facebook offers is extremely important. Being able to directly reach your targeted audience is something that businesses are constantly trying to do through all of their marketing strategies. Facebook has made this easier than ever before. First, once a business creates a Facebook they should ask their current customers to either friend them, or like their page. This will create awareness about their business to their current customers’ friends, which is great because there is a pretty good chance that some of their current customers’ Facebook friends have similar interests. Another great tool that Facebook offers businesses is the “Custom Audience” option. This helps businesses find the people on Facebook that purchase their products or services. The way that this works is that the business goes to “custom audience” on their Facebook page, and then they type in what type of people they are trying to find. For example, they would put something like, “People who buy [blank].” Then they receive a list of all the email addresses, phone numbers, or App user IDs who have purchased similar products in the past. This information is then matched up with Facebook user information. Once the business has this information they can reach directly out through Facebook to the people they now know have bought similar products or services, as their own, in the past.

Another opportunity that Facebook offers businesses is the ability to stay connected with their customers and keep them interested. There are many ways that a business can choose to do this, and here are a few. First, a business could post weekly or monthly newsletters on their Facebook page. This gives the customers a reason to visit the business’s page on a regular basis so they can keep up with what the business is doing. Also, they could post statuses about things like sales promotions, or events that are coming up. However, when businesses are doing these different things to keep connected with their customers they need to make sure that they are both consistent and responsive with what they are doing on Facebook.

Lastly, Facebook is a great tool for businesses to build trust with their customers. If a business is honest about: how many friends, the number of likes, and the comments on their page from other people, it really gives value to their brand. I know that personally as a consumer, I trust a company more if I see one negative comment as well nine positive comments rather than if I only see ten positive comments. Facebook lets a business be transparent to its customers, and this is what builds loyal and trustworthy relationships which then lead to repeat customers.

In conclusion, Facebook can be an extremely beneficial tool for many businesses all over the world, if they use it correctly. The main things to remember about using Facebook to ensure that it is as effective as possible are: reach out to targeted audiences, stay connected, be consistent and responsive, and be honest. With these, Facebook can be a massive advantage to any business.


2 responses to “Post # 8: Facebook, The Must Have Marketing Tool

  1. its pretty much like how google plus is doing too.

  2. From a marketing perspective Facebook seems like an effective marketing tool especially when you see the amount of revenue that Facebook is making from marketers. So it’s no wonder others want to advertise on Facebook. Looking at it from a consumer standpoint I would have to wonder how effective marketing on Facebook is especially when we know that they are trying to reach us through our interests and friends. I do agree that when used correctly it can be an advantage to any business.

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